Friday, May 21, 2010

So... I have a new blog. Hopefully I can keep this one as far away from things like Peace Corps Journals and the Administration as humanly possible. More on all of that later. My site is still wonderful and I am preparing to depart to In Service Training in just a few days. This totally works for me because I am due for a bit of a vacation. I think a little tanning by the lake is just what the doctor ordered.



  1. Glad you are back up and running. I do enjoy your blog updates. Keep them coming. : )

  2. Maybe if you were a little less intelligent and insightful, people wouldn't respect and quote you so much DUMMY.

  3. Yeah. And maybe if I was a little MORE intelligent and insightful I could have avoided this entire fiasco. I need the capacity to see the future... Or maybe the ability to kill a yak from twenty yards away with mind bullets. Both of these seem like viable options for protecting me from blogging mistakes in the future.